24 Nov

The 10 best office buildings in Madrid

edificios de oficinas dwayne johnson

The 10 best office buildings in Madrid.- According to People magazine, the sexiest man alive for 2016 was Dwayne Johnson, a gentleman 196cm tall, 120 kilos in weight, and part of the main cast of the Fast&Furious franchise. Runners-up for the award were, among others, Prince Harry, Rami Malek —from the TV show ‘Mr.Robot’— or teen idol Nick Jonas.

We all have different tastes, yes, but no one can really deny that those on the sexiest man alive ranking have a certain appeal, due to their looks, their connections, their professional success, the size of their bank accounts or due to a combination of different qualities. We can agree or not with the magazines’ opinion —actually, the opinion of its readers—, and we could all surely propose candidates that are more entitled to such prestigious award, but that is the thing about tastes and opinions. We each have our own.

The best office buildings in Madrid; a matter of opinion

And we have a very similar situation with our ranking of the best office buildings in Madrid. Each of them is special, for different reasons, and not everyone will agree with our point of view. But again, no one can deny they all have certain appeal.

Our list is not in a particular order. These are the 10 best office buildings in Madrid, but we will not dare to elect an absolute winner…


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